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IDEAL Dashboards

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We are pleased to share the IDEAL dashboards. 

Our goal in releasing this information is to be transparent about the composition of the campus community and to help us monitor our progress toward advancing diversity, equity and inclusion at Stanford. 

We expect to keep improving and refining the dashboards over time. For example, we would like the data to reflect identities as people in our community experience them, including gender, intersectionality, and invisible differences. We are looking at ways to improve Stanford’s data collection practices in order to expand the way identities are represented.

The first iteration of the IDEAL dashboard was launched in 2019. The student, faculty, and staff dashboards were released in February 2021. They represent the composition of the Stanford community in much greater detail. The data are scheduled to be updated every year at the end of fall quarter.

We hope you enjoy exploring the Stanford community through the dashboards. We welcome your suggestions on how to improve the presentation and content.

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